Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I think a certain little boy is getting sick :( I figured he was when he started to bring back behaviors that we hadn't seen in a while. Sensory issues are known to heighten when the sickies come along. He cried the pitiful cry through lunch, almost fell asleep sitting up, and woke up with swollen, yucky eyes. We'll see how he looks when he wakes up in the morning.
2. We put the house back on the market this week, without a realtor. By dropping the realtor, we were able to drop our asking price by 5k. Now we just have to work on marketing. It's already here, so if you know of someone searching for a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, for a NICE price, send them that link!
3. I've been trying to decide what I want Jayden to be for Halloween, but I think he is determined to be spiderman! My baby is growing up too fast!
4. So it's October, and you know that's when I start brainstorming ideas for Jayden's birthday in December. Of course, there's no question that it will be a spiderman theme, but I think I'm going to do his party at home this time around. Last year his 2nd birthday party was just as huge as the 1st b/c he has SO MANY cousins. Having it here in MS will guarantee less kids! LOL ;)
5. Have I mentioned here just how much I love Jayden's new Occupational Therapist? She is so thorough and you can tell that she cares about the kids she works with and their parents and she is the only one of his 3 therapists who seem determined to have him to meet his goals by December when he will need to transition to the school system. We are hoping that he won't even need OT by January!
6. And while I'm spreading the love, our new case worker rocks as well! She came by this morning to have the OT to sign off on his updated IFSP so she could fax it to the school he's going to be enrolled in. She sat through therapy and watched how his behaviors affect his 45-60 minute therapy sessions. She agreed with me that his behaviors at home and at the behavioral clinic are like night and day. He's an angel at the behavior clinic b/c he gets to play in a room FULL of toys. No need to get frustrated when you are surrounded by new toys, oh and let's not forget the candy! Behavior therapy is when the behaviors need to be present so she can help us work through it. The case worker suggested that we have the therapist come to our house as opposed to the clinic. We're going to see how she responds to that tomorrow.
7. I am so excited about the photography clients I've been getting lately! They are so into my style and I love that. I can simply do what I do without any pressure to pull away from my style to make them happy. LOVE THAT!
8. Just got the call from the after hours clinic about Jayden's eyes and they believe it could be pink eye. Drops are being called in for the poor boy now.
9. I've started "homeschool" with Jayden on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There's only so much school you can do with a 2, almost 3, yr old but we do an interactive story, arts and crafts, fine motor activities, music skills, and nursery rhymes. I also do a letter of the day. Hopefully this will help him with his transition into the school system by next year.
10. Yesterday's arts and crafts assignment was a fall tree and I am surprised at how well it came out:

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