Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I got the results back from my MRI last week which showed severe sinus inflammation that the Dr believes could be chronic since all of my migraines seem to start off as sinus headaches. He is referring me to an ENT to discuss sinus surgery. Until then, I am taking Levaquin and Nasacort.
2. This morning I went from no headache to full blown migrain in less than 5 minutes. Since it was time for me to take my Levaquin and Nasacort, I just added 2 excedrin migraine pills to the mix and prepared myself to spend the rest of the day in bed for a migraine I couldn't get rid of. Well, guess what?!?! NO MIGRAINE!!! That's a record people. I've never had a non prescription medication take a migraine away, although my mom is thinking that the Nasacort helped :)
3. My boy is talking people! I mean really talking. And I'm loving it! He asks himself questions and answers them, he makes his toy soldiers talk to each other, and he's putting so many 3 word phrases together. To all those people who told me that I would be wishing he wouldn't learn to talk b/c he would never be quiet...YOU WERE WRONG!! I love to hear him use that sweet voice.
4. I am feeling like I need at least a month vacation from my photography business. I just feel burnt out. I imagine lots of potographers feel this way aroun this busy time of year. But honestly, I just may take that vacation!
5. Did you know I opened an etsy store?? I sure did! Check it out www.beanies4babies.etsy.com I have a serious addiction to knitted baby hats so I'm so glad I can use my creativity to create whatever it is I want :)
6. I found out that we have 4, yes FOUR, doctors who live in our cul de sac! And get this, one of them is a neurologist. It's comforting to know in case of an emergency.
7. Jayden has been doing well, but he's still having headaches. We are hoping to get results from his MRI and EEG this week. Praying for good news!!
8. I'm getting bored with my monthly menu lately. It always seems to be the same thing over and over again. Can anyone share their favorite recipes or favorite sites for recipes?
9. I finally retired my blackberry and will be switching to an iphone. I think it will be delivered today and I'm very excited about all of the apps I can get. I'm hoping I can find a good gluten free app b/c I'm always so nervous about where to find food for Jayden when we travel.
10. BIG, FUN, EXCITING weekend coming up for us!!!!!


GDC said...

Good morning. Nice post! Glad you found some relief from those migraines.
Best of luck for the surgery. Sounds like you are getting sound advice, and evaluating all your options. There are others out there, if surgery is recommended. Balloon sinuplasty is one, which is less invasive. But it's also not right for every case, etc.
Anyway just wanted to say hello. Best of luck at the doc's.

maria said...

I have read your blog in the past and have seen your posts on the nest (or bump). I have to tell you that I was just brought to tears when I read #3. My son will be 3 in January and speaks very little, maybe 20 words. I hear so many times "you will be praying he stops talking" but I feel like you, I want him to speak, I want to hear words, I want to hear his little voice. He gets so frustrated when he wants something and he can't tell me. There are so many times I wish he would just scream the word, whisper the word, anything... I feel so bad for him. He is attending speech therapy and likes it ok but they focus more on sign language and I can tell he's not lovit it. I wanted to leave you a message and I know I am not offering anything valuable and there are so many out there in the same situation, but for some reason your blog always speaks to me. I hope you enjoy this time with your loved ones and I wish you and your family a joyous 2010.

Mommy said...

Hi Maria! I am so happy to hear that my honest ramblings speak to someone out there. That's my hope. Blogging is my stress relief, so when I post here, I "let it all out" so to speak. I know that when I first started on this jurney with a special needs child, I searched all over the web for honest, real life stories and advice and they were truly hard to find. Reading blogs that only shared the happy moments was encouraging, but I needed to see that I wasn't the only one going through the stressful moments. The moments I felt I was a failure. I needed to know that there were others out there who felt the way I did. It helped so much more than the sunshine and rainbows blogs. So I am so glad that you found my blog! Good luck to you and your family and have a merry Christmas!