Sunday, December 6, 2009

To my 3 year old

So, this letter is 2 days late, but mommy was VERY busy preparing to make your birthday party special and enjoyable for you! You had a great time and you LOVED your cake. Mommy was so happy you had a great time.

3 years have gone by, already. WOW. Those 3 years have been like a roller coaster ride, going 90 miles an hour. A whirlwind of ups and downs. You've made so much progress this year, despite the many setbacks and obstacles you've come across. You are talking so much more now. You have even started to request things by saying "I want ...." I'm pretty sure whoever I was on the phone with when you came up to me and said "I want milk", may have thought I was nuts when I started celebrating and cheering over your new accomplishment. You are also surprising me with hos well you're doing with potty training. Even when I am lazy and put a diaper on you, you walk up to me and say "Pee Pee" so that I can remove your DRY diaper and let you pee pee on your potty. You LOVE candy and you are very motivated by it. You have moments where you ignore what we say, but the moment you hear that "C word" you quickly respond! This year, you are into super heroes. You love Spiderman, but Buzz Lightyear is your favorite. You are now in a big boy room, complete with a big twin sized bed that you love. You even ask to take naps now. I guess your toddler bed really was getting confining. You loved going to school and would even point it out if we headed out that direction. Mommy is sorry that we had to take you out, but the teachers there were not able to give you your medication in the event of a seizure, so we had to for your safety. We are working on getting you in another school soon. I am so proud of you. Jayden, you have taught me so much in your 3 years here in my life. There are so many things that I thought I'd never be able to do or deal with, but you've shown me that I can do it all and more. I never thought I was strong enough to take on all of your medical needs. To be able to dispense such critical medications to my loved one. To be able to act quickly and calmly in case of an emergency. But I've done it all and it just feels like second nature to me. Like I was put in your life to do just that and that you were put into my life to show me that I can do it. I thank you for showing mommy just how strong she can be.

Jayden, I love the little man that you are growing up to be. I am so thankful that God blessed me with a lovable, active, smart, polite, observant, and happy boy like you. Mommy loves you!!!


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3 years old

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Jess said...

Aw, Happy Bday to Jayden!

You guys are adorable!