Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Betty Crocker ROCKS!!

Yesterday evening, we made a stop at Walmart for some last minute stocking stuffers. While there, I stopped in the baking aisle to get a box of cake mix to make a recipe that my friend, Lyndsay, posted on her FB page. Fudge Crinkles...yummy! I decided I'd make these cookies for Santa (wink, wink). So as I am scanning the shelves for the correct cake mix, I see something that made me gasp!! Betty Crocker GLUTEN FREE brownie mix!!! Yes I get very excited when I find something that my baby loves that is now GF, and I especially get excited when it's an regular brand and not a GF specific brand. The GF specific brands usually cost $5+ a box. Betty Crocker's Brownie mix was $3.50 at Walmart (still a bit more than the regular mix, but certainly not as bad as GF specific brands). There was also the cake mix. I didn't see the cookie mix at Walmart, so grabbed the brownie mix and threw it in the basket. My husband wanted me to throw a few in the basket, but I want to be sure it's any good first. Not that I don't have faith in Betty, but most pre packaged GF baking mixes are VERY grainy. So grainy that Jayden won't bother eating them. It's almost like eating warm sand. Brownies shouldn't be bad though b/c cocoa powder is safe and it helps to keep the mixture moist. We will see. When I bake Santa's cookies (wink, wink) we'll also have him some GF brownies just in case he wants to try those. I'll let you know what Santa thinks (wink, wink)!! Also, I don't think I mentioned it here, but I baked a GF angel's food cake from scratch for Jayden's birthday party and it was DELICIOUS! Fluffy and moist and not so grainy. All of the kids loved it. I'll share that recipe soon, but for now, I need to get back to my elf duties...assembling toys for my spoiled little boy!!

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