Monday, December 28, 2009

13 days...

I may as well use my blog as a journal as well for the seizures. 13 days after adding an additional medication for the seizures, he had another one tonight. It was very short and he just seemed to hallucinate for a while, freaking out saying he saw a monster, and then he got VERY dizzy and wobbled and fell all over the floor. My husband picked him up and his eyes couldn't focus, they just kept rolling. Now he's exhausted and cannot sit up b/c the room must still be spinning to him. I'm calling the Dr tomorrow morning to report the seizure. A part of me is PRAYING that they do not increase the dosage on the Keppra b/c that medication has caused his behavior to spiral OUT OF CONTROL, but then another part of me just wants them to do whatever they can to stop these seizures.

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Jess said...

I'm sorry. Ugh.

I hope you have a happier 2010.