Thursday, May 13, 2010

The oil spill crisis

The oil spill is proving to be a very tough job for all of those involved in the efforts to contain the spill. This accident couldn't have happened at a worse for our economy. So many people and their livelihoods have been affected. It's so painful to hear and read about it everyday.

I've been thinking about going green for a LONG time now, but never pushed myself to do so, especially since "going gluten free" was my priority and very difficult to do! Ever since the news of the spill, I've been putting forth a better effort. Each time I go to the grocery store, I purchase 2 of the reusuable grocery bags. They are only .99 a bag and I have to say that I was surprised at how big they actually are. When they are folded up on the shelves, they look very small to me. I purchased 2 from Target the other day and the other items I purchased would have needed at least 3 plastic bags to carry them in. They all fit comfortably in one of my new reusables and I still had room for more. I wish I would have realized just how cost effective the bags were. I already feel great leaving those plastic bags behind at the store and I challenge everyone who reads this blog post to try the bags out. Do like I do and buy a bag or two each time you shop. :)

It's so funny how things work. About two weeks ago, I requested information for the work from home opportunity, not having any idea what it was all about. I was curious though. So I requested info and waited to be contacted. I think it took 5 days before I got a call and within that time frame I was considering changing our cleaning products to eco friendly products. The ingredients used would be better for the earth and safer for Jayden (Gluten free, and no harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or phosphates). This was very important to us b/c even though Jayden is 3 yrs old, he still puts things in his mouth like a baby would. His hands STAY in his mouth. And he STAYS sick. His immune system is pretty weak, so my husband and I wanted to make a conscious effort at keeping the germs out of his mouth as much as we possibly could. We even purchased a huge thing of hand sanitizer and I soak his hands before he gets in the truck when I pick him up from school. I know that's not 100% effective, but his hands go directly in his mouth when he gets in his seat and if you could see his hands when we pick him up from school (we get him from the playground...and he's a boy!) you would understand!! LOL! Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that the work from home opportunity is partnered with a Wellness store that sells these exact items, and they have an entire Gluten Free product line! Honestly, my main reason for joining was to utilize the store for MYSELF! Starting a business from home was just an added bonus. This store helped me to convert my home faster than I thought possible. It honestly was a godsend for my family.

I browsed some other sites today to get other ideas on going green and I ran across this awesome list on EcoWomen. This information is great, especially in the wake of the Oil Spill crisis. Many people are not aware of how common it is for oil to be found in various everyday items...There are a number of surprising places where it shows up:

  • plastic — Did you know that most plastics are derived from petrochemicals (a.k.a. oil)? Yet another reason why we all should cut back on our plastic use. A good tip would be to purchase one bottle and refill it with concentrated mixes. Less waste and less oil used in the process.
  • food — Yes, that’s right. Some food additives and food colorings contain petrochemicals. A most compelling reason to ditch processed foods.
  • detergents — Soapless detergents used to wash clothes and dishes contain glycerin, which is a petrochemical. Switch to eco friendly brands.
  • candles — Most candles are made from raw petroleum. Make your romantic dinners safer and oil-free by switching to beeswax or soy.
  • nylon — Many nylons and other synthetic fibers also come from petrochemicals. Wear more natural fibers and, when you buy polar fleece, look for garments made from recycled materials. You’ll still be wearing plastic, but at least it was recycled.
  • vitamins and some medications — The active ingredient in many well-known over-the-counter meds is acetylsalicylic acids, which are made from petrochemcials. And synthetic vitamins are also made from petrochemicals.
  • makeup — Cosmetics containing ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol and benzene come from — you guessed it — petrochemicals. Search the Environmental Working Group‘s database to see how safe or hazardous your mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick are.
  • personal lubricants — The most frequently used ones on the market contain glycerin, propylene glycol, and parabens, which are derived from petrochemicals. Really, why would anyone want oil, um, there? LOL!!
  • golf balls — Those wee dimpled orbs contain polybutadiene, which is made from you-know-what.
I know that I personally was very surprised by that list! It was definitely an eye opener and it will change the way I shop, for sure!


Jess said...

I love the reusable grocery bags. You're right, they hold a TON and I love that they don't rip even if you put 600 cans of green beans in them.

Mommy said...

Right! And usually, when I buy 600 cans of green beans (or 10 boxes of caramel popcorn), I end up needing it double bagged with plastic. So the reusable bags are definitely a smart idea :)