Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jayden literally SURPRISED everyone this morning! He doesn't usually go to school on Tuesdays, but his teacher asked me to switch up his schedule a bit for this last week b/c none of his classmates were coming on Friday. So I got him dressed this morning and on the ride to school I said "Your friends are going to be so surprised to see you today!" He just smiled, and continued to complain about the sun shining on his neck. LOL! We got to school, and normally what happens is Jayden will walk with me to the cafeteria and even open the door himself and walk right in, but the minute that he sees his class, he falls out on the floor! We've had maybe 3 good mornings where he went without a fuss, but usually he likes to perform. Well this morning he turned around and gave me a sweet kiss, and then I opened the door for him and he JUMPED through the door and yelled "SURPRISE!!" I was so shocked! I peeked in, though, and saw that his class had already left the cafeteria. Jayden looked at me and said "Oh no, she's gone!" I said "It's okay, let's just walk back to your class." and he said OK! So we walked to class and he kept looking at me smiling and every now and then he say "SURPRISE!" almost as if he was practicing. As we got closer to his class, he ran ahead of me and he threw the door open and JUMPED in the class and yelled "SURPRISE!!" I bust out laughing and so did his entire class!! OMG it was too freaking adorable. He went into class like such a big boy, with the biggest smile on his face. And I watched him as he took his bookbag off his back and hung it on his hook, then went to join his class. I am so proud of him. He's come so far!!

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