Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Post! New Look!

First of all, I know my usual readers were surprised to see the new look! Ever since I calibrated my monitor over a year ago (color correction), I've hated the colors of the old blog. Besides, the lollipop picture of Jayden was so cute, but he's grown up so much since then! So you get a fresh new banner and a new color scheme that I hope is better on your eyes like it is on mine :)

Well, this blog will be filled with updates b/c alot has gone on here since the last post. Mother's Day turned out to be a good day, despite it being a day of mourning for my family and then receiving a call that my younger brother was in a bad car accident and nearly causing a deja vu. We still cried a good bit, but I know God kept us all strong and being together helped us to keep our mind on better things. My parents did the Mother's Day BBQ in their backyard and the weather was nice. It was a beautiful day.

Monday morning, Jayden's GI dr called me. She had done bloodwork on him the week before and she was calling me with the results so I knew it couldn't be great news. She checked his levels to see if he had gluten in his system, which would then tell us that we needed to re evaluate what it was we were feeding him. I expected the test to come back showing gluten b/c sometimes I just don't feel like we are doing everything right. And not to mention that he still has very grainy poop and the seizures are not stopping. Well, much to my surprise, his levels for that were normal. I had to pat myself on the back! However, the Dr was calling me b/c she tested all of his immunoglobulin levels, IgA, IgG, IgE, and IgM, and all of them are abnormally low. So she wanted him to get in to see the immunologist asap for more bloodwork. He goes on Friday afternoon, and until then I am forcing myself not to google what all of this information may mean for Jayden. I am very thankful for the group of Drs who have been working together to help Jayden and I'm sure that he will be better soon!

Finally, I'm so excited to share that I've been blessed with a wonderful work from home opportunity! I've just started, but the opportunities ahead of me are so exciting and I am so thrilled to know that I can actually be at home with Jayden and earn a steady income at the same time! God always answers our prayers!


Jess said...

Glad abt the work opportunity!

Is your brother okay after his accident?? I hope so! Geesh, your poor family!

Mommy said...

He's fine, but the car was totaled. It happened on a bridge that's still being built, so we know angels must have been watching over him (maybe my cousin!) b/c he walked away from the accident with just a few cuts on his face. We are all still a bit shook up over it. I can't drive across the bridge b/c my mom says you can see where he rammed into the guardrails, which is just too scarey for me to handle right now!