Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a weekend!!

We had a wonderfully busy weekend over here! One of my best friends turned 30 on Sunday (wow, we are all turning 30 this year!), so she threw herself a birthday party on Saturday. Friday, I helped her run a few errands while Jayden stayed home with Daddy so he could take a nap. Friday evening, I picked up Jayden and we headed back to my friend's house to finish fixing the food for the party. I had a great time with her and Jayden played like such a big boy with her nieces. Saturday, we headed to the party and I got a speeding ticket on the way there! Great way to ruin my day :( I was actually going with the flow of traffic and failed to keep an eye on my speedometer (am I the only one who does that??), but when I saw the cop car, I glanced down and saw that I was speeding so I slowed down and I guess it made me quite obvious...The cop pulled me over and made me get out of the truck. Fun times. I took my speeding ticket and continued on my way to the party. Jayden was a tornado, to say the least. He wanted to play outside, but as soon as he got outside he would realize how hot it was and come right back inside. Then, once inside, he decided he wanted to go play outside. This went on the entire time! Over and over and over. He eventually got his little toes closed in the door :(

As you know, b/c of Jayden's Celiac Disease, birthday parties can prove to be a bit rough for Jayden as far as food selection goes. And a biggie is always the birthday cake! What kid doesn't want cake?? Jayden, however, seems to be getting used to our routine. Sing happy birthday and then come to mommy to get his gluten free cupcake. He sat on the side and devoured his cupcake. After a while, we had to pack up and head over to the next birthday party. We got to this praty just a few minutes before they sang Happy Birthday. I lost sight of Jayden and when I found him he had helped himself to a plate and a fork and was pacing around the cake table! lol!! And then it hit me...DAMMIT! I'd only packed ONE gluten free cupcake. I ran to ask a friend of mine if they had any popsicles, or anything as delicious as that cake (in a child's eyes) that would appease Jayden, but all she had was ice cream. I believe that Jayden is lactose intolerant, even though the dietician says it's not likely, so I carry around lactaid supplements just in case. I ran to his bag for the lactaid and there weren't any in there! He was in line waiting for cake! I had no idea what to do other than to leave the party that we had just arrived at. I decided to give him just a spoon full of icing from the cake (buttercream icing made with powdered sugar) and a scoop of ice cream, praying that the dietician was correct. He devoured it, and was satisfied and enjoyed the rest of the party.

Sunday morning he woke up complaining about his tummy. This is usual for Jayden b/c he still has constipation issues and the day that he finally has a BM, his tummy hurts. But this was different. He was clammy and he would cry and run to find me with his shirt held up saying "Tummy!!!" I would kiss his tummy and he would walk away still, looking sad. The pain would come in spurts and hit him all of a sudden so I knew it was stomach cramps. He was miserable all day and could hardly eat anything. That evening my husband and Jayden came with me to an outdoor photo shoot and Jayden was going to feed the ducks while I did the shoot. Well when we got there, Jayden was crying and moaning. My husband took him out of his seat and laid him across the back seat and rubbed his back. A few minutes later, Jayden moaned and rolled over to his hands and knees and lets just say that in the end, I had to throw away a pair of shorts, underwear, a towel, and a blanket that we were using to cover his neck from the sun! It was bad, but Jayden felt better immediately. I had packed an extra set of clothes and a pullup, just in case, so he didn't have to run around bottomless! Monday, he still had a few stomach cramps, but he's been much better since then and is at summer camp today. I really do believe that it was the ice cream that hurt his tummy so badly. Sometimes, you just have to follow your gut.

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