Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. Today is going to be a day of chores, chores, and more chores! Hopefully J enjoys his new nursery rhyme CD I bought for him yesterday.
2. I ordered a 16x24 canvas as a sample for my clients. Most people like to see exactly what it is they are ordering. So I ordered (actually got it free with my business account) a huge canvas of one of my favorite pictures of J. It came in the mail yesterday and I am in love!!

3. I let the canvas company decide which type of border would be best b/c I had no idea if I had enough room in the frame to wrap the actual picture, but they decided to wrap the actual picture and I love it! The trees and grass wrapped around the frame looks so nice. I mainly ordered this to have on display at my vendor table this month, but now I'm looking for the best place in my house to mount it!! Did I mention I love it?? Oh and BTW, if you ever order a canvas this big, make sure that the picture you are ordering is as close to perfect at you can get it. J had an itty bitty piece of lint on his cap, that I did not notice even after staring at this picture for months, but it's definitely printed out on the canvas. Nice little speck on his hat. I can only imagine how horrible this picture would have looked if it was out of focus. So keep that in mind if you ever order a canvas (or a large photo!)
4. J's foot seems to have turned in more since his appt. How is that possible? I think we need to get him a pair of everyday hightop shoes b/c I can tell that he needs the ankle support. Please pray that his legs will straighten by Jan! And if not, please pray that he will take to the braces without any problems.
5. I have been dying to learn how to knit lately. Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners. I mean seriously, BEGINNERS!! I don't even know what type of needle to use. Um, do they call them needles? Or sticks with a hook on the end? Oh boy!!
6. Our garage door is still broken from the tornado in April. I need to give them a call today and see what the hold up is. I'm sure they are not still working on tickets from April!
7. Can someone tell me why "Please" is such a tough word for J to say?? Oh never mind, I know why. He's smart and he knows that saying "please" is nice, and he doesn't like to be nice all the time! But when he says please, it sure is cute! I think I will buckle down on him now since I know he can say it but doesn't want to say it! He seriously HATES speaking English.
8. A friend of mine came over to visit yesterday with her 4 y/o son (who reads like a 10 yr old!!!) and of course, J was very talkative (in English I might add). My friend commented on how he whispers when he talks and that he will have a small voice like I do. LOL! And seriously, the 4 y/o had just turned 4 in July, I am so impressed by his reading skills!
9. Both dogs need baths and haircuts today. So much fun for me and my back :D
10. Hurricane Ike looks like it will go to TX instead of La. Good for La b/c they are still recovering from Gustav, but not so good for TX, especially if Ike regains strength. Keep the families in the path of this storm (and the islands devastated by the storm already) in your prayers.

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