Monday, September 29, 2008

Still here!!!

I've been very busy this past weekend with my vendor table setup. It seemed to be very successful and several people requested more information in the mail. I had a few moms who said they plan to contact me really soon to book a session. Also, two different moms expecting twins! HOW FUN?? Also, a mom told me about a beauty pageant coming to the area in November and that they are looking for a photographer for that event. She's going to email me all of the information I need and if it sounds right, I'll be shooting at a beauty pageant in November. I'm very excited!

Now I need to focus on cleaning this house and getting back into the swing of things around here. I took J to Mother Goose story time this morning at 10:30. He did so good. The lady sang nursery rhymes and J danced and clapped along with the other kids. After the nursery rhymes, she handed out stuffed animals to all of the kids and read Old MacDonald. My baby boy was naming animals and making the sounds. Next she handed out the magnets from Old MacDonald and all of the kids went to put the magnets on the board. Except for my J! He immediately saw all of the little pieces and started to clean them up! He grabbed them all and was putting them back into the basket. OCD?? HAHAHA!! All of the kids got along well and J had a ball. He was very tired after storytime and was ready to fall asleep in his lunch. He didn't put up a fight for naptime at all. HOORAY FOR ME!! Tomorrow we are going to check out a new playgroup. I love seeing J play nicely with other kids :)

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katd said...

Playgroups are the best! Lily and I just started hanging out with two other moms, and it has really made our days more fun. I love it!

And congrats on the new gigs:) That's so exciting!