Monday, September 22, 2008


Saturday night, J and I made Rice Krispie treats! A childhood tradition! He loves to help in the kitchen, so he was so excited! I gave him his own littel bowl and spoon and let him "mix up" some rice krispies, while I did the work with the stove. Daddy was the photographer at this grand event. However, I shoot with only one focal point and he was not aware which one it was so every single picture is out of focus. But I still think he did a pretty good job and the settings on the camera helped him a good bit ;)


Mixing his rice krispies

Taste tester!

Waiting to help Mommy flatten the treats

Sticky flattening!! He was such a great helper :)

First Taste

Mmmmmmm, more please!!!

He wanted to flatten them all night :)

We weren't sure if his tummy could tolerate the treats, so we gave him a small piece and he didn't have any type of reaction! YAY for rice krispie treats!! I think this was a great way for us to mark the end of summer and say hello to Fall. Now if only this weather would cooperate! I hope it isn't this hot at the end of the week b/c I'll be sitting outside for hours at my vendor table this weekend...


Anonymous said...

Oh Nia, such beautiful shots of a beautiful time! It made my heart melt; I can't wait to have a child to do such things with.

You are blessed.

Emily said...

How fun! Some of my best memories so far have been the time I spend in the kitchen with'll be even more fun as he grows older. Looks like J-baby is a great helper! I haven't made mine yet, but you gave me the inspiration & I have the ingredients!

Anonymous said...

I just bought David a little apron because he loves to help me cook.

Those pictures are priceless!

Okema said...

Yum!! I love rice krispie treats. Good luck at your vendor table.