Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Perfect Moment

The other day we headed out to the park for some pictures of J and Daddy together. For several pictures, I wanted to get down on J's level to get a good picture, but everytime I got down on the ground, J took off running to me to get himself a good seat on my lap!! A lady picnicing nearby, though this was hilarious!! I made sevreal attempts to capture what I wanted before he would take off running, so of course I was laughing as I went through the series of pictures today while editing. Here's one that I found in that series...

Completely out of focus. Lighting is awful. In a normal workload, I would just delete this picture b/c it is all wrong. But I love it. I love the joy on J's face and the happiness of Daddy's face and he watches on from the background. The fact that he's in his military uniform adds to the emotion in this capture, IMO. So why not put the photography rules aside and love this as a snapshot of my boys? It may not be the perfect picture, but it is most certainly the perfect moment!

Here are a few more from our "session"

And since I hardly ever post pictures of J and I, here's one for ya! Daddy took it and it's completely in focus! I'm so proud :D

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Kristina Young said...

Your family is beautiful!