Thursday, September 11, 2008

Great Lens. Great Lighting!!!

DISCLAIMER: Picture is straight from my camera, and certainly not perfect by any means! Just wanted to show the results of shooting in my driveway! This was taken with my favorite lens, 28-75mm, and in my favorite spot, our front porch! I love the lens b/c it is pretty sharp! Check out J's eyes, how they look like glass mirrors. I didn't do anything to his eyes at all in photoshop. They also look great b/c of the light in his eyes, thanks to the awesome lighting I get on my front porch. The sunlight reflects off of our pavement and makes his eyes shine so bright. I can get good light in his eyes at other locations, but never as good as I get on our front porch! I'm tempted to drag out some backdrops and do an entire session in my driveway! LOL!

So for anyone reading and trying to get some better pictures of their children, here are a few basic tips that I've learned so far.

1. Try to avoid a distracting background.
2. Get out of direct sunlight (I'm sure some are saying really?? Direct sunlight is too harsh)
3. Try to take pictures in open shade, perhaps under a tree, or a covered porch.
4. Face the light and get light in the eyes. What you see is what you get, so look for light in the eyes before taking the picture!

Have fun!!

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