Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camera Shy

Of course you all know that I carried my camera with me to the beach, hoping to get some shots of J on the beach. Some that I can frame in our home. I've come to realize that he is the world's most stubborn child when it comes to taking a picture of any sort. I never ever have such a hard time with clients' children. Even if they are incredibly shy, I can always get eye contact in some of the pictures. With J, I can't even get him to look in my direction. He will look at me and smile with those bright brown eyes, but as soon as I have the camera pointed at him he refuses to look my way. Doesn't matter what I say and trust me I've tried it all... "Look Elmo is here!!" "Is that Spongebob I see??" "Do you want some ice cream?" " Oh look at how silly mommy looks (and sounds!!)" He will look at the ground the entire time.

So, there will be no cute pictures of J on the beach. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dissappointed. But I have some SLAMMIN scenery pictures and some new shoes :D

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