Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, I found out that there is milk in the bread mix I raved about below...powdered skim milk, to be exact. I found this out AFTER J ate 3 slices. Looking back, his behavior was pretty bad and he whined alot and had a really hard BM this morning. I am thanking God that he simply has an intolerance and not a life threatening food allergy, b/c this is not the first time I've messed up :( So, the loaf went in the trash and I headed to the store and stood in the bread aisle for a good 20 minutes before leaving with a package of Bob's Red Mill bread mix. It's gluten free and dairy free (I used rice milk in the mix). The ingredients list soy lecithin, but I've read that soy lecithin is okay for a soy intolerance b/c it's just an oil...however, someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong! I put this bread mix in my bread machine, and instead of using the gluten free setting, I used the setting for white bread/rapid mix. It kneaded the dough for 45 and then baked for an hour and 15 minutes. Man, I thought that last loaf of bread was a success, but seriously, this one hit the mark big time. It is soft and fluffy. Not the least bit sticky. And finally I was able to hear the signature hollow sound when I tapped on the top of the loaf. It was so easy to slice and did I mention how fluffy it is?!?! So far, it has failed the J taste test, but I think last night his tummy was still hurting from the other bread he had ingested b/c he wanted nothing to do with bread. So as soon as he will accept bread again, I'll let you know how he liked it :)

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