Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few more things...

Well, I didn't have to drive to Laurel to see the derm afterall. The Dr called in an ointment that should help with the rash. I have to discontinue using the steroid spray for 3 days and then restart it and keep an eye on the rash. If it continues to get worse then I'll go in to be seen.

Did I mention that J's new favorite phrase lately has been "Ugh NAGGY!!" (ugh nasty)? Well that and "HELPMEEEE!" LOL. And he's really been trying hard to put two words together now and doing an excellent job at it. Well today I heard him in the kitchen playing with the dogs. Our male schnauzer is getting over a UTI so he usually has his leg cocked while trying to soothe his "stuff" if you know what I mean. I'm in my closet when I hear Jayden stop playing with the dogs and say "UGH, NAGGY!!! PEE PEE!" My dogs are housetrained, so I knew what had just happened and I hope J doesn't have nightmares about it! lol!!

Finally, today marks an entire year that my husband has gone without a cigarette. I am so proud of him, and since he has just discovered facebook, I'm pretty sure he won't be visiting my blog today so I can tell you that J and I have a really nice surprise for him in a few hours!! ;)

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