Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, it has been a really tough end of the week here in the Johnson household. It started on Wednesday. I sat down to eat lunch with J. He was having his usual, turkey franks, and I was having a turkey sandwich. I was told by a friend of mine that once J's gut starts to heal after starting the GF/CF diet, then he will slowly show interest in other foods. J looked at my sandwich and started giving me sweet eyes and yelling "Hiiiii!!!! Hiiiii!!!" and then he held his hand out and signed "Please"...weird...J has NEVER touched a lunch meat sandwich of any type during his 2 yrs of life. But could this mean his gut is feeling better and he wants to try something new?? Well I'm not eating GF bread...Meh, a little bit shouldn't hurt. Besides, who could say no to that sweet face...Handed him half of my sandwich and he ate the entire thing! Oh boy. We'll just have to wait and see how it affects him.

Thursday: whining, falling out, breaking things, spinning around hysterically on the floor, banging his head, and flapping his arms in frustration. All things he hadn't done in weeks. He also could not fall asleep no matter how long he tried. And he was VERY VERY CLINGY. Friday was 10 times worse...imagine that!! He was very out of sorts Friday morning and had the HUGEST fit when I dropped him off at the YMCA childcare. I didn't get much of a workout though b/c an hour later the worker came to get me b/c J had a strange BM...definitely the sandwich.

But it made him so happy!! So Momma had to find a solution. So off to target we went and found a bread maker with a gluten free setting (wasn't looking for that feature but what a great plus!) and to rainbow foods for Gluten Free Pantry-Favorite Sandwich Bread mix. I also bought some GF muffin mix to try and give him something different for breakfast. I can't forget to mention that I tried my hand at baking him GF bread 3 times before (using the oven) and each time I failed. I'm sure I was killing the yeast and I do believe the oven temps affected it as well. So I was anxious to try the bread machine. It was so incredibly easy. Add liquid, then add bread mixture, then add yeast to the top. Adjust settings on machine and press start. The machine does everything else, even activate the yeast! The bread was so big and fluffy, although it did still have some stickiness to the middle. I immediately thought it was a success but that wouldn't be known until the next morning when J was ready for lunch. I decided to toast the bread b/c I think no matter what, GF bread is going to be a bit chewy/sticky and J doesn't tolerate that well. Once I toasted it I spread on his peanut butter and jelly. He watched eagerly. I gave him a piece of the crust and he gobbled it up!!! Then he ate the rest of the sandwich with no problem at all! So either my child was just determined to eat bread no matter what it tasted like, or this was a true success!! Either way, I'm just glad we've hopefully found a way to get him to still be able to enjoy his favorite! PEANUT BUTTAH JELLAY!!

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