Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 years old

This should have been posted on yesterday, but I was too busy getting everything prepared for his Spider man party (which was perfect in every way! Pictures coming later).

4 years ago, Jayden, you changed our lives tremendously. You were the single answer to years of prayers. We could not believe that you were OUR SON! We have learned so much from you in these four years. We've endured things that we never imagined we'd have the strength to endure. So many people say that you are lucky to have us as your parents, but honestly, I think we are the lucky ones!

I absolutely adore your personality. You have such a zest for life and you love to make everyone around you laugh. Such a caring spirit. You can tell when someone in the room is not happy and you always make sure to ask, "What's wrong?" or "You okay?". You always want to be sure that everyone is happy and enjoying their life to the fullest, just the way that you do! I love that about you. You never let your medical condition come in between your love for life. You go through so much yet you always bounce back as if it was nothing. You are never afraid to try something new. It's definitely something that you have taught me, to never let anything get in the way of my dreams.

This year, you are totally into super heroes of all kinds, but mainly Spider man. Last year, it was a toss up between Buzz Lightyear and Spidey, but this year you have been 100% Spider man! You were star struck when you saw Spider man at Universal Studios in Orlando this past summer. You were Spider man for Halloween this year. And, once again, you were star struck when Spider man made a surprise grand entrance to your birthday party on yesterday. The look on your face when he arrived on the roof of a truck immediately made his visit worth every cent!

You have come a long way, Jayden. Although you still have a delay in your speech, you can now put your thoughts into sentences on your own. Without any help! This is huge for you! Yesterday, during breakfast and one of your favorite restaurants (IHOP), Daddy tried to help you with your syrup when you told him, "No. I want to do it myself!" We both were so proud of you and we told you so and made a big deal out of it right there in that restaurant. At 4 yrs old, most parents would wonder why it was such a big deal to us. But there's another thing that you've taught us, Jayden...To celebrate even the little things in life.

This morning, you had a bout of scary seizures. You clung to me for help, told me you were scared and pleaded over and over "Help me, please!" 4 years ago, I would never have imagined that I could ever help you the way you would need to be helped. Instead, I could only imagine myself breaking down, crying in a corner somewhere, too weak to help you when you most needed it. Today, I am strong enough to hold back the tears and hold you tightly while reassuring you that is IS going to be okay. I have you and I won't let anything or anyone hurt you. I will fight for you until there is no more fight left in me. You are my little fighter. My brave, super hero. My daring boy. My silly son. My charming little boy. Mommy and Daddy love you forever and always!

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Jess said...

Happy (belated) bday to you both!!