Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

from the hospital :(

Jayden continued to have seizures throughout the day yesterday and was extremely miserable. We had to use his rescue medication on Thursday to stop seizures but they started again 2 hours later. Yesterday evening we decided to bring him in to the ER to see if they could stop the seizures. Well the seizures stopped on their own by the time we were called back, but Jayden was still very wobbly and uncoordinated so they decided to admit him and try to get him stable until his appointment on January 4. They started a new medication and he did well through the night and was doing great this morning. He even had the cutest surprise visit from Santa. The Dr examined him and was happy with his progress. She wanted to order an EEG but the soonest it can be done will be Monday. She decided that instead of keeping him here until Monday, she'd let us take him home so we can enjoy the rest of Christmas at home. We would have had to bring him back on Monday for the EEG and we were fine with that. Just as they were finishing up his discharge papers, he had a seizure. The Drs came in and tried to wake him (he immediately fell into a deep sleep), but he wasn't responding, not even to pain. So they paged the neurologist and she ordered more IV meds and monitoring. He will be re evaluated at in 3 hours. Right now he is resting. It's bittersweet. We were THIS close to heading home. However, I would have been very upset if he would have been discharged only to get home and start seizing again. He's where he needs to be right now and the hospital staff has made sure that his Christmas is just as enjoyable here as it would have been at home! So far Santa has brought him a Handy Manny cell phone, Mr. Potato Head, a musical train (with tracks!), and Candyland! What's funny is that these are ALL his favorites!! Funny how Santa got that all right huh? Thank you Lord. I know you are listening.

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Jess said...

Aww, I'm so sorry! Poor guy, but at least he got a special surprise from Santa.