Monday, December 27, 2010

We're home

and doing well :) Jayden was discharged yesterday afternoon with a new medication added to his current two, in order to help decrease his seizure activity. The attending neurologist (who was awesome BTW) told us that he did need to have an additional medication added immediately and then it could be changed if needed once his new neurologist runs any tests she needs to have in order to get him on the correct medications and the best dosage. We also have to bring him back sometime this week for another EEG, more than likely a video EEG. He's been compfrtable at home for the most part, although he does have little moments where he looks like he thinks he's about to have a seizure so he just wants to lay down. I'm pretty sure he's still having some activity, but it is not as bad as last week. Last week was pretty awful. He would scream and cry for help for 6 or more hours. And during this time, he could not eat so he was very miserable and so were we.

When we got home yesterday, Jayden was pretty out of it b/c the new medication makes him very drowsy, but when he saw that Santa came, he ran over to his gifts which included lots of learning toys, some action figures, legos, a board game, a powerwheel, and a new Spiderman Helmet. We expected him to run straight to the powerwheel and not care about anything else but we were SO WRONG! He did run up to the powerwheel, but only to grab his spiderman helmet and beg for us to open it. He refused to open anything else until the helmet was free from the packaging and strapped on to his head. Then he continued with ripping his gifts open. Classic Jayden :)

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Jess said...

So glad you got home...hope the new med helps and that the dr has something to say, too, when you go.