Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We'll be home for Christmas...

And probably miserable :(

Jayden tested positive for the flu this morning...We had to skip the flu shot for him this year b/c his seizures were not controlled. I have no idea why things are so bad for him right now. Why can't he catch a break. It just seems like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. He's still having seizures everyday and b/c of that, the Dr decided that it was best for him not to take the Tamiflu b/c it does have seizures as a side effect. She warned us that his seizures will increase b/c his immune system is fighting off the flu. So that will mean multiple seizures a day. My poor baby. We have to keep a close eye on his temperature and just try to keep him comfortable, but otherwise it has to run it's course.

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Jess said...

Poor guy. I'm sorry for it in any case, but especially sorry that it's Christmas, too. :(