Monday, December 13, 2010

Journal post

Jayden had a cluster of seizures this morning, right after taking his meds and eating breakfast. Breakfast wasn't anything new or unordinary so I'm sure it wasn't an allergic reaction induced seizure. I calmed him down on the couch and he went into a very deep sleep for an hour. He woke up and has been alert and talking, but has not moved from the couch since this morning. I've tried coaxing him off the couch to ride his bike or play some games but he won't move, and it has been 4 hours since the seizure. This is a child that is usually climbing the walls, so he cannot be feeling like himself.

I left a message for the current neurologist, at 9:30am, stating that my son has been having seizures EVERY DAY since Sunday of last week. I'd consider that an urgent matter. It is now almost 2pm and I haven't received a call back from the office yet.

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