Monday, December 6, 2010

Loving my new job

Not only are the hours magnificent, and the fact that I can bring him with me when I need to (he's coming with me on Saturday), but I am learning so much and this job is actually helping me to be a better mom to Jayden. We are the ONLY gym that requires childcare workers to actually go through ongoing training. So I'm also getting PAID tp attend child development courses and training. So much I've already known, but I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to know that they are teaching the workers about kids and how every kid is different. Don't judge the children by their behaviors. Bad behaviors does not equal bad child. Give choices. Redirect. Intervene. Help develop self esteem. Sometimes, when you've had a rough parenting week, you forget about the little things you could (or should) be doing to help nurture your child. These training classes are grounding me and putting me in a place where I can see what we are missing and what Jayden can use at this time.

Also, I'm making wonderful connections. Tonight I met a lady who used to be a play therapist. She has my email and will be sending me some information for Jayden. She also gave me information for a local autism support group. At this point, Jayden won't be able to attend the weekly support groups (b/c they meet when he's in school) but I can go to meet the parents and make more connections. A friend of mine told me that this may be my calling. I can notice when a child is just a bit different from the others and is trying to fit in. I tend to pay close attention to that child and help to make him or her feel more comfortable for the 2 hours they are with me. Before they leave, there's always a smile where there was once a frown. That alone, makes my time away from home worth it!

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