Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy day today!

We got a ridiculously high Entergy bill this month b/c our ac unit has not been cooling the house properly. It runs all day on hot days b/c it cannot get one side of the house to cool off. I've had the AC people come out to check it twice and each time he came he told me he adjusted the air flow and then would tell me to keep doors open, get black out shades, and ceiling fans. We got a ceiling fan for J's room (the hottest room in the house) and we've been keeping the doors open but it hasn't helped one bit. I'm not accepting the fact that they think blackout shades will solve our problem b/c number one, We bought this house b/c we both like lots of windows and sunlight. Blackout shades will defeat the entire purpose b/c the house gets hot during the day when I like to use sunlight in the house. Two, I really don't think the blackout shades will solve our problem, just like the ceiling fan and open doors didn't. Daddy called the builder who came over today and said that he will get someone out here to diagnose the problem. I asked him if maybe we need a bigger unit and he wasn't sure, but will ask the AC company. I really didn't think our house was all that big. Also, we have a crack going straight across our ceramic floors in our bathroom (3 tiles sharing the same straight crack). The builder looked at that and it baffled him. It could possibly be from the house shaking during the tornado we had a few months ago. So someone is coming out tomorrow to look at that also. As the builder walked out, he noticed two unpainted spots on our walls from when the painter came in to repair two cracks in our walls LAST MONTH! He told me he would be back in 3 days to sand the areas and paint them. Well...he never came back. The builder was so upset and said the painter will be here bright and early tomorrow and if he isn't we have to give him a call. So we will have alot going on at our house tomorrow. Thank goodness Daddy is off!!

We are headed to take J for his haircut! Have a great day :D

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