Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jayden and his puppy

It's a fact. J is spoiled and has TONS of toys all over our house. So many, that we plan to sell some at a garage sale this weekend. I'm betting Daddy that we will use some (if not all) of the money to get something else for J!! How pitiful is that?? But truth be told, J would be happy if we got rid of every single toy except for "Pup", his puppy dog. My aunt gave him this little pull along puppy for his 1st birthday and demanded to see pictures of him playing with it. Well he showed ZERO interest in this thing for months. Then one night I was cooking dinner and he came in the kitchen dragging the poor puppy on it's side. I bent down and picked the puppy up and placed it on all fours and told J to walk his puppy. J pulled his puppy and the dog started "barking" as he walked behind J. Since then, he has been IN LOVE with this puppy. The puppy goes to every room in the house with J. But the cutest thing EVER is when J sees me going out the front door and he tosses whatever it is that he has in his hand and RUNS for his puppy's leash, all the while turning around to be sure that I haven't left him yet. But he HAS to have his puppy outside with him to take Pup for a walk.

First he stands Pup upright, by grabbing his ears of course!!

Then they start their walk. This is serious business to J!

Pup always stays right at J's feet

But J likes to give Pup a lift from time to time!

Pup, exhausted after a long walk with his best buddy!

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Joy_Jeremy said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I love it!