Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My neice is in town

And she is wearing me out already!! She thrives for constant attention, which is hard for me b/c J is VERY independent. I play with him when he ALLOWS me to and I take an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon to teach him things, but other than that, he wants to play alone. I like that about him b/c I can see him using his imagination (putting his bears to sleep, making his puppy ride his truck, cleaning the house, etc.) But my neice is a different story. She's 11 and needs to be in your face 24/7. She woke up yesterday morning and the first thing she said was "Where are we going today". I had to tell her, please don't expect to go somewhere everyday that you are here b/c that won't happen. Well, she did the same thing this morning! I don't plan to keep her locked in the house for 2 weeks, but I don't want her to expect to go somewhere everyday. She's also been a smart alec to her uncle. He kept the kids yesterday while I went to do a photo shoot. He needed to go to the electronics store to see about getting a new TV put in the truck for our trip to Orlando, so he took the kids with him. He told me J was an angel, but my neice was very testy. Daddy said, while he was talking to the saleman, my neice kept interrupting "Is that for the truck?" "Are we getting that for the trip?" "Will you put a screen in the backseat?!" Very annoying, but Daddy is so passive and didn't tell her anything, so she kept going. That's disrespectful and she should know better by 11 yrs old, so we will be working on that. I know she would never do that with me so she needs to learn to respect her uncle as well.

I'm taking them to the park now and then coming back home to do her hair for her. Then later on this afternoon, if she wants to make some friends I told her she can go to the house down the street and introduce herself to the 3 kids that are always outside. I only have her for 2 weeks and then we will head to Oralndo, but I can tell this will be a long two weeks! I have no idea how I will get any work done with her around!!

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