Monday, July 14, 2008


Wow. I didn't think little boys start calling their Mommy's "Mom" until they were AT LEAST in kindergarten!! Well, J is only 19 months and already is too cool to call me mommy anymore! He calls me "Mum" and says it with such love.... "Mmmmmmuuuuuuum!" He said this Friday night in a restaurant as he was reaching for me and the people sitting across from us couldn't believe their ears. They said they couldn't believe he said it so well, but honestly, I think what they couldn't believe was the English accent! It cracks us up! Sometimes I get lucky and he calls me "Mom Mom" which is as close to Mommy as I'll get anymore, but I'm getting used to this Mum business also. It's pretty cool, and my boy is pretty cool also, don't you think??

He battling some pretty bad diarrhea right now. Poor guy. One thing after the other. I hope this passes soon.


Anonymous said...

Your son is so adorable!

My son has started calling me "Mom" as well (he started sometime before he turned 2). It's so wierd! He calls my MIL, "Momma" (he can't say grandma). I guess our sons are ahead of their time! LOL

-Dimplz from Parenting Board @ the Nest

L L said...

Too cute that he calls you "Mum"! Wait til he starts calling you by your first name... : )

Hope he is feeling better!