Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Many (read ALL) of my photographer mom friends complain about their kids not wanting to be in front of the camera...EVER! I could relate b/c J would run as soon as I pointed my camera at him. You would think that was literally about to shoot him! LOL! I never expected J to have a change of heart. Most children of photographers always run from the camera, even through their teenage years! Well lately, J has taken a liking to cameras. He knows how to use the camera on my cell phone. Just today he opened my phone, turned it around (so that the camera would face him to take his own picture) and said "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!" So I took the camera and he started posing! Great opportunity to send some pics to Daddy while he's in St.Louis. Today I took him outside to play while I played around with my new camera, trying to learn the ins and outs of it. Well he could hardly focus on playing b/c he wanted to pose for my camera! He would slide down his slide and then pose and say Cheeeeeeeeze!! then come in for a close up! Trust me, I'm loving this!! We came inside b/c it was about to rain and I sat my camera on the table and he went over to it and stood in front of the lens and said "Cheeeze please!!" I love it! So I do have some pictures taken with my professional camera that I will share soon, but I vow not to touch his pictures taken with that camera if I have other sessions to proof. I am almost done with my last one and then I will get to those, but until then, here are some from my point and shoot taken on 4th of July night! Most were taken by Daddy, so excuse the faces chopped off. Also, J has the sillies sometimes in front of the camera and he makes faces, just like his little cousin!

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