Monday, July 21, 2008

Reunion weekend

It was AWESOME!! We got in town at about 5pm Friday and got dressed at my mom's house. She was keeping J for us that night but she had a patient to see first. I wasn't surprised when she was late getting home so that we could leave. The formal started at 8 and she got home at 8:30. We had an hour drive so I didn't get there until a little after 9:30. When we got out of the car and started walked to the hall, I got butterflies in my stomach! I was so nervous and I told my hubby, what if no one remembers me?!?! He assured me that I look exactly the same and people would remember me. Well when we walked in, all of my classmates were lined up taking the group picture. As soon as I walked in we hear a bunch of people screaming my name! Hubby nudged me and said "See?!" and I made a run to get in the picture!

This was the best picture Hubby could get with my little camera b/c so many of the classmates showed up, which was great! I did purchase the 8x10 from the photographer though. After the picture, I mingled and caught up with so many old friends. No one really changed much at all (maybe a 20 yr reunion needs to be planned!) and it was funny to see the small changes made by some. Hubby mingled with people and enjoyed himself. That made me have so much more fun. I even saw our old principal. He was really happy to see me!

After the formal, a group of us got together and hung out at a local bar/dance club in the french quarters. It was a really nice atmosphere and Hubby loved the DJ! He was dancing and just really enjoying himself. We danced together and even flirted with each other!! LOL! It was so much fun, and I believe that having Hubby there with me made it just that much more fun. It was seriously the highlight of my weekend! My friends were asking "How long have you two been married?" "You guys are so cute together!" Well, he's my best friend, what can I say!

The next day we had our class picnic. It rained that morning so of course that made for some muddy grounds and hot, humid weather. But we still had a really nice turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves. Hubby took pictures of me with some of my friends and J was J, flirting with everyone and showing off his toddler skills!

The next day we got up and went to good ole Franklin Ave Baptist Church. Hubby laughed when I parked in the same parking spot I always parked in before Katrina. He even took a picture of J and I in front of the street sign!

J enjoyed church during the worship and praise. He even danced and clapped his hands.

Please don't ask me what happened during the sermon!! I would much rather forget that experience! LOL!

All in all, Class of 98 Reunion weekend was incredible. I had the most fun I've had in while and can't wait to see my friends again, or to hang out with HUbby like that again! Tonight I have a newborn session, which are my favorite, so wish me luck!


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