Saturday, July 12, 2008


We went on our 2 mile walk this evening and saw this little kitty chasing a bird! LOL! J saw the kitty and said "Ooooooo!" so we stopped to pet him (her?). The cat was SO friendly and let us pet him and it purred and rubbed all over me. We continued on our walk (a mile left) and this kitty followed us the entire way home. There were people outside on the block so I asked them if they knew who the cat belonged to b/c this is obviously a house cat. No one knew who the cat belonged to. I thought he would turn around after so long, but he happily followed us the entire way home. He even walked RIGHT into our house, but the dogs scared him half to death!He appears to be VERY VERY thin, but his face is shaped like a siamese cat so I am assuming that he's just skinny in nature. He's now asleep on our porch and we will put up a sign tomorrow to find the owners.

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