Monday, July 28, 2008

Heat Wave!!

Summertime heat + active toddler= NO FUN!!!

The temps are up to 100 degrees. Same as last year. Only this time it's harder b/c J is very mobile and active. Last year he was only crawling and cruising, so it was easy to keep him occupied inside. Not this year. Now he stands at the french doors yelling "Out Out Out!" I try to wait until later in the afternoon hoping it won't be as hot then, but that time never comes until 8pm when he's in bed. So today I decided to let him go out and see how he does in the heat. I moved all of his toys that were too hot to play with. While I was moving the toys, he found one of Daddy's set of pliers that he left out from the weekend. The pliers were sitting in the sun. The pliers were hot. Very hot. J picked them up and immediately started crying, but didn't put them down. He was chasing me to give them to me!! So I ran to him to get them and boy were those pliers HOT!! I checked his hands for burns and ran some cool water on them. He kept saying "Hot, Mom, hot." Poor babe...welcome to the south.

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