Tuesday, July 29, 2008


All the parenting books say that your baby's palate will change almost daily. They may love something one day, and hate it the next. And Vice versa. They were right. We got the okay from J's pediatrician to intorduce him to soy milk products (he has a history of MSPI). We successfully made the switch from Rice milk to Soy milk (my pockets are forever grateful!) and then tried to introduce him to some yogurt. When I say he did not like it, that's an UNDERSTATEMENT!! He HATED yogurt. He gagged, grimaced, cried and all. Just didn't want anything to do with it at all. So we left it alone for a while. Well I don't think Daddy knew just how much J hated yogurt and one day last week, he offered J some. He dug in and ate it all and said "Mmmmmm!" the entire time! Now he has daily yogurt and he looks forward to it. Today while he was enjoying it, he grabbed the container off the counter. I figured he was going to play in it and I'd just clean the mess later...boy was I wrong. J held that cup in one hand and dug his spoon in with the other! And he never missed a bite. And when it was all gone he sat in his chair signing "more". Everytime I went to take him out the chair he'd slap my hand away and sign more!!


Want some??

Happy for Yogurt!

Digging in

Look at those feet! He's in heaven!

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