Thursday, July 31, 2008

I think I'll have some lemonade....

Well, like they say, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade!! My surgery went well this morning and I'm home resting now, although in some pain which I'm fully aware will get worse once the anesthesia completely wears off. That will make for an interesting car ride tomorrow :( I'm hopeful (prayerful) that the pain will get better by morning and I'll be fine, but I know I need to prepare for the worse. Or truck has two rows in the backseat. Traveling with us will be my parents, my niece and one of my nephews, and Daddy, J, and I. We are going to try and install J's carseat in the backrow and I'll have half of that seat to stretch out on. And if all else fails, my pain pills are my new BFFs!!

J woke up really early this morning, almost like he knew I wasn't there. My friend was here with him and fed him his breakfast. She said after breakfast he played a bit but she could tell he was looking for me. He kept saying "Mom?" "Mom?". And then he satrted to get tired and had a meltdown and was crying out "Mommaaaa!!" My poor baby missed me!!! My friend fed him his lunch and the he fell asleep. He was asleep when I got home from the hospital and I can't wait for him to get up so we can cuddle. The best part about being the mom of a momma's boy!! I love it. He will help me to heal faster I'm sure! I love my boy!!

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