Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. Found out that I did get the part time job at the YMCA childcare. Supposed to get a call today to find out what time to come in on Thursday. For some reason, I'm not too excited. Worried about J missing me while I'm gone, but it's only 4 hours each morning. I just hope the sitter doesn't put him down for a nap before I get home. I'll have to make that request.

2. Been working on Morgan's 3 month pictures. She's so beautiful, don't you agree?

3. So excited about my vendor table at a local consignment sale at the end of Sept. I have a few items in mind that I need to order, like TODAY!! I am so indecisive...but I need to make a decision...TODAY!!!

4. My parents are having a little BBQ on Sunday for Labor Day, but I really don't think I feel like driving out there this time. Too bad b/c I will definitely miss my dad's crawfish! We'll just have to get some from the seafood place out here and have our own lonely Labor Day picnic! Hey, we'll go to the lake, and I'll bring my camera!! FUN!!

5. I think I want to design some new business cards...Maybe I should do that today also?!?

6. Still (not so) patiently waiting on a check from the IRS. It's impossible to contact them by phone. I've been trying for the past two days, non stop. They seem to always have an "extremely high call volume." Hmmmmm.

7. I love the sound of naptime...silence...with an occasional "Mom, hi mom!"...He talks in his sleep, and he always dreams about me. Now that's love!

8. The weather here is really nice, so we went for a brief walk today before his nap. He insisted on bringing his two cars. We are trying to let him walk more barefeet now b/c of the tibial torsion, so he didn't wear any shoes. He loved this b/c he didn't fall as much!

9. Found out today that the nurse referred us to an ortho who is not in Tricare's network, so we would have ended up paying out of pocket if I took him to the appt. Good thing I checked on that, but now I have to find a new ortho and cancel his appt that was for tomorrow. Sigh.

10. My husband and I are in the 4th year of this battle with infertility. I won't give up hope though, b/c I believe that God does have a plan for us. Keep us in your prayers!

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