Friday, August 15, 2008

Tibial Torsion

Medical term for pigeon toed! LOL. The main concern, though, is that it will eventually start to affect his hips if it worsens instead of get better with time. Since we noticed it getting a bit worse, he's being referred to a pediatric orthopeodist for evaluation. The Dr watching J run up the hall (which J loved BTW!) and was able to see how J trips over the foot from time to time. He said it didn't really look bad, but the fact that it seems to drag a little does concern him so we're going to have it looked at but he did say it doesn't look bad at all so not to worry.

And for today's entertainment, here's a video of J doing a cartwheel! You can see a bit of his foot problem here also. It's his right foot.


Mindy said...

He's a dance machine! Your kiddo gets cuter with every picture and video! Glad his tibial torsion isn't that bad and that you've caught it.

Thanks for your visit over to "my place." Good to hear from you!

Mommy said...

Thank you Mindy! I was so happy to find the link to your blog. I'll be visiting your place more often now ;)