Monday, August 18, 2008

Potty Training!!

Ok so every toddler book I've read has said that most kids are potty trained by 2 1/2 yrs old. I've been placing J on the potty for a few months now, but he is not anywhere near being verbal enough to tell me when he has to go, except for the occasional whisper "pot" when he has to do number 2. Oh yeah, did I mention that I think my son will be a whisperer once he truly starts talking? Anyway, sometimes he will whisper pot, but it doesn't matter who...he'll tell Elmo, he'll tell his invisible friend, he'll tell himself, but I've heard him whisper pot a few times and we go straight to the potty. So he does have an interest in using the potty, which is good so today we are going to start some potty training bootcamp! Every 30 minutes J will sit on the potty seat. I already placed his favorite fruit snacks in there and he will get one each time he does anything in the potty. I also have 3 of his favorite books on the counter for him. I am also thinking of setting up the cd player in the bathroom to play his nursery rhymes. Good or bad idea? I'm not sure. I'm a little worried that the nursery rhymes will make him forget WHY he's on the potty and he won't do anything. But then I'm thinking that he will get tired of the potty every 30 minutes and the nursery rhymes will make it fun. What do you think? And all week he will be fully dressed in a diaper only!! LOL! Much less laundry for me? We'll see about that. There will be 2 breaks from potty training though, one for naptime and the other for our evening trip to the YMCA where he goes to childcare while I work out. And of course he'll also be in a diaper at night. I'm not really going to push him to hard just yet b/c although most books say that I need to be pushing the potty training on him right now, I did find one book that says it's smart to wait until your child is 3 and can understand and reason with you :D Yep you read right, Vicki Lovine's Girlfriend's Guide to Toddlers! I love her!! Well, gotta run, the timer is set to go off any minute now!

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