Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Verbal Explosion!!

They told me it would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen this way! He's been saying some words here and there, mainly like a parrot, but he never really talks much. I didn't really worry though b/c he definitely understands almost everything! He's very, very smart, just not really verbal yet. But we got a shocker today! Like I said earlier, we went to the Y again today, hoping that J would behave much better than he did yesterday. I got there early, found out I may have a part time job there starting next week (woo hoo!), and we headed to the nursery. J got down and went ot play with the toys. I could tell he wanted me there for a few minutes b/c he kept turning around to see if I was there. Then it started...He looked at me and said "Come?" while motioning his hand for me to come see something. Then he picked up a ball from the ball pit and said "Ball!!" very proudly! See, I knew that he knew what a ball was, but he would never say the word. I was so proud of him! I sat with him for 15 minutes and when I saw that he was behaving himself, I went on to wait for my step class to begin. Just before the class began, I ran to the nursery to peek in on him just b/c I know he's smart enough to act up when I'm not around! I peeked in on him and he was quietly building a block tower! And it was just as tall as he is! That takes some awesome hand-eye coordination! You go J!! I went to class with a smile on my face and couldn't wait to go back and get him and find out how well he did. Well once class was over I ran in to find my boy playing very well with the other kids in the ball pit. When he say me he yelled "Mom!!" which is the norm. That's one word he says all day everyday. He even says it in his sleep! Well I asked the girl how he did and she told me something that shocked the heck out of me! She said he scratched a little girl and told her "Move" so she went over to him and told him to tell the little girl sorry and she told me that he said "Sowwy". Then she asked him if he wanted a timeout and he said "No!" I looked at J and I said "You've been talking?!?!" and he nodded his head and said "Yeah." (gotta work on changing that to yes ma'am, which he does say when I ask him to). Well that was just the beginning. We went to target after the gym b/c we needed a few things for the house. Of course as soon as we pull up it starts raining, so we had to run in. We get in the store slightly wet and J screams "Oooooo wet!!!" The entire time I'm looking at him to make sure I took the right child from the nursery! LOL! So then we go through the store and I walk pass some toddler cups in the dollar aisle. J says "Mom! CUP!!!" Um, you better believe he got that cup! What? It was only a buck! So we walk through the store and Daddy noticed there was a crack in the cup so he had to take it from J and get a new one. This involved tears and the boy said "My cuuuuupppp!" Wow, seriously an explosion. Oh and he has the cutest voice!

ETA: Anyone notice that I was so excited about my boy talking that I forgot to ask about the little girl?! BAD MOMMA! I'll check on her tomorrow but I'm sure it wasn't bad or an accident report would have been filed!

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AJS said...

This is such an exciting age! Your little guy is very intelligent.