Friday, August 15, 2008

Off to the pediatrician

Well, it seems like a trip to the pedi was inevitable for little man. And it's not even for the head banging issues. It's that foot :sigh: We've noticed within the past two weeks that instead of the foot getting better, it's turning in more. More people take immediate notice to it now. He also has a wobbly gait, like one leg is shorter than the other and he won't walk AT ALL when we go places. He walks fine at home (still wobbly and unsteady though) with no complaints but I assume that's b/c he can stop whenever he wants to and he sits down and takes a break. I also notice that when we play and I chase him, he NEVER runs more than 3 or 4 steps without throwing himself to the floor. He never runs far at all. But what caught my attention was last night when we went to Lowe's. Daddy is determined to make J walk when we are out b/c he thinks it's b/c J is spoiled. I didn't think so b/c he likes to get into things and walking is the best way to do so, so why wouldn't he want to walk on his own? Well last night we got him out of the truck and were walking into Lowe's By the time we got inside we both look at each other and said "Does it look like he's limping??" Of course he whined the entire way inside and when I picked him up he grabbed his right ankle :( So we put him in the cart and everytime I tried to put him down, he would grab his ankle and cry. This morning when he got up I let him walk around. No whining or crying. It did look like the foot was dragging though but it was hard to tell so I took him outside to let him walk barefeet on the concrete. When we came inside the top right side of his right foot was scraped and he didn't fall down, so he is dragging it. I called the pediatrician and they are seeing him today. Boy do I feel like the world's most paranoid mother!!! I'll update later.

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