Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hurricane Gustav is going to be another big one. My entire family is being scattered around once again. I feel helpless. We offered our home as a "safe haven" from the storm, but looking at the track, we are still in the red for the outer bands of the storm and we will be on the most powerful side, so we are unsure of the affect Gustav will have here. I heard that Katrina was pretty bad for the residents here in Jackson. The house we rented when we relocated here had to have the roof repaired b/c of damage from Katrina. So we all agreed it would be safer for my family to go further north of the storm. We are still home and waiting until tomorrow evening to see how big this storm will be and get a better idea of exactly where it is headed. If we have to, we will leave tomorrow. I pray New Orleans doesn't have to endure the same destruction it did 3 years ago.

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