Saturday, August 2, 2008

We made it to Sunny Orlando!!

We stopped in Tallahassee last night to get some rest at a hotel (and a break from my 6 yr old nephew asking "Are we there yet?" at least every 15 minutes, no joke). Jayden thought it was a huge slumber party and laughed most of the night! He even sneezed and his cousin yelled from across the room, "God Bless You" and that was HILARIOUS to him b/c the room was pitch black. So what's a silly 1 yr old to do next? Why, fake sneeze a few more times of course!!! Silly boy! He finally fell asleep on my chest.

I did fine pain-wise on the ride to Tallahassee but was very sore this morning and the second half of the ride was rough, but I made it, thanks to my pain pills!

J is asleep now and we are all about to hop in bed b/c we are getting up EARLY tomorrow morning to go to Universal Studios!!

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AJS said...

Hope you had/are having fun on your trip!!! Thinking of you.