Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mickey Mouse!!!

First I must say, it never fails... Everytime we travel, J gets sick!! This morning at 4am, he woke up screaming "Momma!!!" I took him out of the pack n play and he was burning up so I gave him some Motrin (I know to pack it with me anytime I leave MS). He went back to sleep and we headed to Magic Kingdom at 9 this morning. He was fine until we got through the gates. Then he lost it. He didn't want to sit in the stroller, he didn't want to walk, and he only wanted ME to carry him. And did I ever mention that it was 100 degrees today?? There was no way I was going to be able to carry him through the park. I tried letting him walk with his backpack buddy on, but he wasn't having it. So I had to put him in his stroller and let him have a fit. It went on for about 20 minutes and I'm talking kicking and screaming tantrum! The stroller was bouncing like it was cursed!! LOL! He stopped crying and thrashing but still whined for the first 45 minutes in the park. I finally got him to calm down a little when we met some of the characters. He was fine as long as he was able to see characters, but we had the hardest time tracking down Mickey Mouse. By the time we found him, we were all sweaty and tired and I was so afraid Jayden wouldn't want to even take a picture with him. The line was LONG for Mickey and Minnie, but it was in an air conditioned room with Mickey Mouse cartoons on. God bless the person who came up with that idea!! We waited in line for 45 minutes. I was really praying that he would make it b/c he was so sleepy at this point. But I knew he would like to see Mickey, or in J's words "KeeKee". So we got in the room where Mickey and Minnie were and J's eyes lit up. When it was our turn to take pictures, I was holding J's hands to bring him to Mickey and then Mickey got down to J's level and J ran straight into Mickey's arms!! My eyes welled up and I couldn't get the lens cap off my camera fast enough. But J held on to Mickey and was saying "Awwww, Keekee!" And he even turned around to look at me while still hugging Mickey. Then he got kisses from Minnie and he just stood in between both of them saying "Oooooo, wow!!" Everyone was laughing and loving his antics! I was so surprised that he did so well. We took several pictures of him with Mickey and Minnie and then he walked away and said "Bye Bye KeeKeeeeeee Bye Bye!!!". I'm sure he's already forgotten about them, but Daddy and I will never forget it. Here are a few pictures from my point and shoot, taken by Daddy. I took several more with my SLR and I'll share those once we get home. Today was the hottest day and the worst day for J behavior wise, but that meeting with Mickey made up for it all!! Tomorrow we are going to Busch Gardens!!

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