Monday, August 4, 2008

Island of Adventure!!

We had a BALL in Islands of Adventure yesterday. My niece FINALLY was able to ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster. She had been trying for 3 yrs but was always too short. Last year she was just under the height restriction, but since the ride is so dangerous we all agreed that she should wait and try this year. She is 54 inches ON THE DOT!! She was so excited, but also nervous, but didn't tell anyone. She begged to get on the Dueling Dragons after that and while we were in line, she looks terrified. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was but was wondering how many drops the coaster had. I felt her heart and it was beating out of her chest! My mom was ready to pull her out of line. I asked her if the Hulk scared her and she said it did a little. So that worried me b/c Dueling Dragons is a bigger ride than the Hulk. But she rode it and enjoyed it. We think it's her anxiety of not knowing what to expect.

The J man did AWESOME!! He rode in his stroller for the most part but started to melt down towards the end and only wanted me to hold him b/c he was hot and tired. He did see the Marvel super heroes and laughed and giggled at their suits. He didn't like Dr.Doom though and neither did I. Once we walked through the park, we stopped at Dr. Suess Land for J and my 6 yr old nephew b/c they hadn't had a chance to ride anything. J got on the carousel but I was SHOCKED at how fast they had that thing going. He enjoyed it until it started going too fast. Then he got on the Dr Suess ride telling the story of the cat in the Hat. He loved it, but wasn't digging the spins of the cart. We discovered on this trip that when J gets scared, he covers his mouth. My poor baby. It broke my heart on the carousel b/c his eyes got big and he covered his mouth with both hands, almost like he doesn't want to cry so he's holding it in. We tried to get him on a train ride in Dr Suess land but he had to be 34 inches, he's 33.5. I was a bit upset b/c the guy that measured him said he couldn't really tell b/c the height was really close, so he measured J again and said "No he's too short." And we're talking a kiddie ride here!! I think he could have let me put J on it. But all in all, it was a great day!! We are going to Universal Studios today. Hopefully we see my boy Woody Woodpecker there!!

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