Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hats, Hats, Hats!!!

He LOVES hats! He thinks he has to wear a hat with everything! Everytime I get him dressed, he runs to his closet and grabs a hat and pops it on his head. Most times it doesn't even today.

(whoa! check out that right foot. This is the dragging I told the pedi about but it happens so fast that it's hard to see most of the time but we know he drags it b/c his shoe gets worn there. Maybe I should take this to the ortho.)

I don't dare take it off him or tell him he can't wear it b/c it doesn't match. So if you see us in public and my child is not matching, just know he dressed himself!! I remember just a few months ago Daddy would get frustrated b/c J didn't like hats on his head. He would scream as if someone was hurting him. But now, I guess he wants to be more like his daddy b/c he loves having hats on. He also has his own cell phone (a broken one) that he tries to wear around his waist just like daddy. And we just recently gave him a wallet but he seems to want to keep that in a purse, uhm, just like mommy! LOL! I love his little personality and how he picks up on things so quickly. I think I'll try to get a good picture of him soon with all of his hats b/c it is so him right now and I love it!


PeWee said...

Personally, I like it that his hat doesn't match! Go J!

Lori said...

My kids rarely match, and when they DO, it's a total ACCIDENT.

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