Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today's wardrobe...

A diaper and, of course, a hat!!

There's no bargaining in that area anymore. To him, the hat is a must have accessory. It goes with everything...even PJs!! So if you are thinking of what to send him for his birthday, you can't go wrong with a new hat!

Potty training is as successful as I think it's going to get right now. He pees everytime he gets on the potty now, but he doesn't always ask to go. His diapers stay pretty much dry during his waking hours, and if I catch him on time I can get him to poop on the potty. But he's starting to hate sitting on it, so I'm giving him his space. He knows what it's for, but he wants a break, so he'll get that!

His ortho appt for his foot is today. I am sure everything is a okay and will probably feel like a dork for wasting that Drs time, but I need the peace of mind that there is nothing to be concerned about.

I may start my part time job as soon as tomorrow. The manager hasn't called me yet, but on Monday she told me she wanted me to start Thursday. I'm not anxious at all, so if she wants to wait until after Labor Day, I'm fine with that ;)

We are all still mourning the loss of our cockatiel Cino and seriously can't stand the quietness. I find myself walking past the cage expecting to hear a muffled "I love you" but when I hear nothing, my heart breaks again. I thought it was just me, but last night my husband and I were watching television and one of the many commercials with whistling in the music came on. Anytime any of those commercials came on Cino would whistle right along. His favorite was the Viagra commercial with the s miling man on it. He could whistle the entire commercial right on cue. Well when this commercial came on and we didn't hear the background singer, my husband sighed :( We all miss him. There's a local breeder here in town and she has some sweet babies ready to go who are already talking and whistling. I think we are going to look at them this weekend and possibly bring one home. Not to replace Cino, b/c he could never be replaced, but to fill an obvious void in our hearts.

Finally, please keep everyone on the gulfcoast in your prayers as they wait on the news to see exactly where Hurricane Gustav is headed.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! A hat goes with anything! What a fashion statement, J! :D

I'm so sorry about Cino. I remember how quiet my mom's house was when Caboose died. Waking up in the morning without his chirping just wasn't the same.

Sending prayers to everyone on the Gulf.