Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog hits GALORE!!!

I checked my blog hits for the past week and I've had 191 visits! That's saying alot for this lil bitty ole blog! So someone must love it ;)What's interesting to me, though, is seeing how the visitor found my blog, and several of the hits have come from various google searches! So I want to take this opportunity to give my advice and thoughts on the searches that lead folks to our awesome blog! Here goes...

The majority of the google searches have been for milk free soy free diets. Oh boy! Do we know about that! It is a VERY difficult diet to be on that's for sure. And even tougher when you have a picky eater on your hands. We've been there, but I did manage to find websites and recipes that I am willing to share with you all. (the google search key words are in bold):

milk free soy free icing
milk free soy free birthday cake
milk and soy free food/recipes

Yeah, I totally remember doing the very same searches and in case you haven't found the gems that I have, here are a few. This site was an awesome resource for us. There are various recipes for foods, birthday cake, snacks, etc. Also discussions on how to deal with MSPI, Celiac disease, and other food allergies. They also have tips on how to make shopping easier, which I can totally appreciate. More recipes and tips can be found here, here, and here. Also, this is an awesome blog to reference! Hope this helps some of you!

Now on to the other random searches that led folks here! This should be fun ;)

potty training toddlers: Oh boy. We are so there! All I can say is persistance is key. We've been doing every 30 minutes in the mornings only and then I let him go about his business (pun intended!!) in the evenings b/c it was getting to be too much for him. He's 20 months old, so there really is no HUGE hurry, but I'm sure any parent would love to be done buying diapers sooner rather than later! He is started to pee more on the potty now b/c he knows he will get a fruit snack, but he does get frustrated from time to time. Patience and Persistance!!

My brown eyed boy Yep. We have one of those!

Islands of Adventure hulk marvel :)

teething 19 months Yeah, my baby was teething and he was 19 months ;)

planning first birthday This was so much fun!! And here are a few pics fromk the actual party. Now we are planning the second!

hats I'm definitely not surprised that this search led someone to my blog, especially after this most recent blog post! Shocker?!?!

Magic Kingdom worst day of the week to visit HAHAHAHA!! I have to apologize to the blog reader who was more than likely looking for a specific day!

My baby has bleeding in his mouth Could be from teething, but if the bleeding is not a direct result of an injury and your baby also has a high fever, go to the Dr immediately. It could be stomatis. J went through this and had to be hospitalized, poor guy.

toddler traumatized by hospital stay This talks about his hospital stay and also the traumatizing event we went through just before he was discharged. He's much better now and doesn't mind going to his Dr for check ups.

Now this last google search is OFF THE WALL!! I have no idea how it led the reader to my blog, but it did, so here goes...

Great Absent excuses Um...GO TO SCHOOL KID!!! LOL!!

Those are all for now and I have to say it's pretty interesting to see how people get to my blog and I want to thank everyone for reading! Feel free to leave me a comment if you like. Well J and I are about to go out for a while. Our birdie friend passed away this morning and it's very quiet in here and it's making me sad, so I think we'll hang out until it's time for my photo shoot this evening.


L L said...

I also always look at the google searches...and think "HUH?" it is pretty wild what some people search and gets linked back.

JMD said...

I had some people google searches that brought up our blog too.

By the way, I tagged you in my blog. Check it out.

Lauren Roberts said...

Hi Nia...Just wanted you to know that i read your blog often and just LOVE it! I really need to start one of my own for both girls! Hope to see you soon!
Lauren, Isabel and Abbygale!!
Isabel says 'hey girl!"

Mommy said...

Hi Lauren! I tried to email you earlier this week, but it came back to me! I'll contact you on the MS moms forum! Thanks for reading my blog :)

Hey Isabel!! Way to go on the potty training!!