Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kids World 2008

Every year the clear channel radio stations in Jackson sponser this event for the kids. There where LOTS of space jumps, face painting, make overs for little girls, and appearances from the Marvel super heroes and Inky the Clown! I was very impressed with the event b/c there was always something going on to catch even the smallest child's attention. This year they focused on keeping the environment clean and "Going Green". When we got there, there was a puppet show about landfills and pollution affecting the oceans and harming the wildlife. J was mesmerized by the show!

Immediately after the puppet show, Inky the Clown came on stage! Let me tell you, I have an awful phobia of clowns, but Inky wasn't bad. He only had on face paint, no big red nose, no scary clothing, no big red hair, and mainly, no big RED shoes!! And he was VERY FUNNY! Seriously, he was great. If I could convince my family to come out here this year for J's party, I would definitely hire Inky the clown. J loved the show. He clapped and danced and said "Wooooooowwwwww!" the entire show! Here's a little video of Inky juggling.

Then immediately after Inky, the Marvel superheroes came out to talk about pollution and it's effects on the environment. J wasn't to fond of the goblin. He was holding on to me so tight and hiding his face, but when his pal Spiderman ran out, J jumped up and squealed!

After they performed, the superheroes took pictures and signed autographs for the kids. We chose to skip that b/c J had just had ihs picture taken with them last week. How lucky is he?! Get's to see the superheroes twice in one month!! We walked around and let J run and spin in circles and dance and run some more. He had a ball. As we walked out, a guy came by pushing a cart with free cookies and gave one to J. He was in heaven and ate on his cookie as we walked to the car. He continued to eat his cookie as I strapped him in. He continued to eat his cookie as we drove home. He continued to eat his cookie as he fell asleep! LOL!

He ended up taking a very late nap yesterday and didn't wake up until about 6:45pm. He usually goes to bed at 8 every night, but since he had a late nap, I let him stay up late. Well he did fine until about 9:30pm. He was in the living room and Daddy put his helmet on his head and he was riding his quad. Next thing you know he goes to his room, reaches in his crib for his blankie, and walks all the way to the other side of the house to my room to climb in my lap and put his head on my shoulder. Complete with huge helmet on his head! I said "Are you ready for night night?" and he said "Nigh Nigh." I took of his helmet and carried him to his room and placed him in his crib. Didn't hear a peep. He went straight to sleep. I think he may just be ready for us to convert his crib to the toddler bed, but I'm not ready for the nap time battles so we may wait until the beginning of next year for that!

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