Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Islands of Adventure

One of my favorite theme parks!! I love to ride the roller coasters there, especially the Incredible Hulk. I lose my voice there every year! So of course, the first place we headed was straight to the Incredible Hulk roller coaster. Only, I wasn't the only person excited for the ride this year. My niece has been trying to ride it every year but she's always TOO SHORT. Well, this was her lucky year! She was finally able to ride, so my mom, dad, niece, and I all got in line while Hubby waited outside with J and my nephew. My nephew had a ball riding this spinning ride over and over and over again...

After the coaster ride, we headed over to Marvel City to meet the super heroes, including Spider Man, and the bad guys like Dr. Doom.

We ended up paying $25 for the spiderman photo b/c they add a computer generated background to make it appear as if we were in the comic book. We really wanted it b/c J took the same picture with Spiderman last year.

We plan to do this every year and watch how he grows and how his reaction changes! My mom and my niece went on a free fall ride and we all waited out front for them. J had a snack with his new spiderman treat and sippy cup while he waited.

Next we walked through ToonTown where we ran into Bullwinkle.

Last year's picture

Next we headed to Suess Landing (after stopping to ride a few more roller coasters of course!)First stop, the carousel.

Then we went to story time. The Cat in the Hat, of course!

After storytime, J decided he was a little thirsty. Check out his cool way of asking for a drink ;)

Next we took him to a little playground area where he rode a really cool caterpillar ride.

Just minutes after leaving the playground area, the rain started to come down so we headed back to the resort. It was a very fun day!

Here's a short video clip of J on the carousel.

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